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Understanding the overbite Problem, its Causes and Cure- Damon Smile
Understanding the overbite Problem, its Causes and Cure- Damon Smile

Overbite Teeth is also known as buckteeth. It is a case when the occlusion- i.e. the alignment of one’s teeth is improper. It is said to be as Overbite when the upper jaw sticks out and covers the lower jaw. It is a Malocclusion. A malocclusion is thus an improper alignment of one’s jaws. These cases are found in children as well as adults. These may occur at latter stages because of different habits that vary person to person.

The malocclusions are classified into 3 different classes:

Class I is defined as a slight overlap by the upper teeth.

Class II is when the overlap is severe- it is also known as prognathic’.

Class III is the case of a severe underbite, where the lower jaw covers up the upper jaw, also referred to as ‘retrognathic’.

The overbites are of two different types based on the origin of case:

Skeletal Overbites: The most common cause of overbite is the shape and size of the teeth and the jaws. Generally seen in children, it is hereditary and genetic in nature. Leaving them untreated can also be the root cause for problems like crooked teeth, gaps between teeth or overcrowded teeth.

Dental Overbites: Dental Overbites are life habits that are generally seen in children and/or in adults as well, like pushing their teeth by the tongue, breathing through the mouth and sucking their thumbs as children.

Severe breathing disorders, such as Sleep Apnea can develop from an overbite.

Treatment: The best treatment for overbite is to use braces to straighten teeth at an early age, before the overbite leads to other problems for the patient. DamonSmile provides you with the perfect solution. With its advanced technology, you experience a painless treatment as Damon braces utilize multi-directional, lighter and gentle forces on your teeth, with exceptional comfort and lesser clinical visits than conventional braces. If you go with the Damon Clear option, which are transparent ceramic braces, people may not even realize you’re wearing them!

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