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Achieve Your Damon Smile to Make Yourself Shine

A beautiful Smile that makes you bold and confident.

Become a part of 7 Millions plus successful stories as it continues...

Over 7 Million people have enjoyed the benefits and are wearing an aesthetic, beautiful and healthy smile that everyone adores. Damon Smile helps you achieve more than just straight teeth – A smile that you deserve, that makes you gleam and sparkle, in short span of time with exceptional comfort.

Shine with Damon Smile

Explore the Benefits of Damon Braces


More Comfortable

Damon Braces’ innovative approach to orthodontics is more comfortable than conventional braces.


Faster Treatment

The Damon System is proven to treat faster and requires fewer appointments than conventional braces.


Beautiful Smile Arc

Beauty of smile is its arc. Damon braces give you straight teeth, alongwith a beautiful, arc-shaped smile.


Smile Transformation

Reducing dark triangles at mouth’s corners & improves facial profile which may provide a youthful look.

Simple steps towards a Beautiful Smile.

Step 1 :

Shine with Damon Smile

Connect with us. Team Damon will assign a Damon Specialist to you.

Step 2 :

Damon Specialist Analyze to Shine

Follow the treatment plan prescribed by the Damon Specialist.

Step 3 :

Watch your Transformation

Experience yourself the transformation of your smile. We stay in touch.

Step 4 :

Hurray!!! Share your New #DamonSmile

The world is awaiting to welcome your new look and beautiful smile. We’re also keen to showcase your experience with #MyDamonSmileStory

Explore the Experiences

Extraordinary results and exceptional comfort define the Damon Experience for patients. Damon not only aligns your teeth but also gives a natural shape to your face providing an elegant look with a youthful confidence.

“The results are telling. The results my children were getting got me to go after those same results.”

Julie A., Adult Damon Braces Patient

The Expert’s Advice

Damon System reduces the clinic visits and help in technological advancements and precision in the practice of orthodontists.

“I witness on a daily basis how the Damon System helps me create the most amazing smiles—and it transforms patients' lives when we hand them the mirror and they look at their beautiful smile. It is truly spectacular.”

Dr. Stuart Frost, Mesa, Arizona

The Damon Clear Choice

Damon clear braces are virtually invisible. People may not even realize you are wearing braces. Unlike other clear braces with visible metal parts or elastic ties that turn yellow during treatment, Damon System makes teeth straightening hassle free

Damon clear braces are resistant to staining and do not use elastic ties, providing a superior aesthetic solution for patients.