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Damon Braces for Gaps Between Teeth
Damon Braces for Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between teeth or as we call it Diastema scientifically are generally more visible if they’re present in the front region. These gaps often develop with milk teeth during childhood but disappear as new permanent teeth come in their place. However, improper growth of teeth in teenagers and adults can lead to the formation of gaps. There are multiple orthodontic treatments available to close these gaps.

There are several other points of concerns regarding these gaps:

Oral Hygiene:

Oral hygiene is a major factor for one’s overall health. Gaps can be a big issue to maintain your oral health and hygiene. These gaps make space for plaques and cavities to develop. Bad breath and tooth decay from plaques are also a part of the many oral health concerns.

Gum Health:

The gaps between the teeth are very harmful for gum health. Gums are soft and delicate and they can get easily harmed by hard and sharp foods. This happens because of the Gaps in between the teeth that makes an opening for the food to accumulate.


Everyone likes a beautiful smile. Apart from oral health, people generally don’t like gaps ruining the overall appeal of their teeth hampering their looks.


Damon Smile Treatment:

The treatment for Gaps is very much possible, thanks to Damon Smile. Damon Braces use lighter and gentle forces from multiple directions that offer a painless treatment in lesser time with greater comfort than conventional braces and gives you outstanding results. 7 million + people are enjoying the benefits of being a part of the #DamonSmile family, for more than 20 years. So what are you waiting for? Lose those Gaps with Damon Braces????

It is your turn now. Shine with Damon Smile


Shine with Damon Smile


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