Further Asked Questions

Are there different types of braces available?

The technology used behind crafting Damon braces is unique. We don't just align teeth; we create beautiful smiles. Your Damon orthodontist will consider various factors before recommending the right braces for you. As every person’s smile is a unique one, the treatment approach too will differ.

How long does treatment take?

In comparison to conventional treatment with braces, the Damon System works much faster. Also, what’s amazing is that there are fewer appointments to be scheduled with Damon Smile.

Is the Damon System safe?

The Damon System not just works fast but is also absolutely safe. The technology behind the innovative braces, uses lighter, gentle forces that help align the teeth gradually. The low-friction and the light-force shape-memory wires are designed to gently guide your teeth into their ideal position with complete ease and comfort. So where safety is concerned, you need not worry at all.

Will my teeth hurt after adjustments?

Since the teeth would be moving, one might experience slight discomfort but not as much discomfort as one would experience with traditional braces.

Are the braces big and bulky?

Absolutely no! Thanks to innovative designs and more research, braces are now created to beautify smiles and eliminate the feeling of embarrassment. They are now smaller and some options that are available are virtually not that visible. In fact, the Damon Braces have a small bracket size and profile with smooth, rounded corners designed to provide aesthetics and utmost patient comfort.

Can adults wear braces too?

Yes of course. If you’re healthy, there is nothing that can stop you from getting the smile you have always desired. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. There are plenty of adults who come for treatment and are happy about their decision. What you need to keep in mind as an adult is that you need a trusted orthodontist to work on your teeth. So, do give Damon Braces a consideration because we will ensure to treat you with complete dedication. Surveys conducted prove that many patients have loved their smiles after being treated at Damon Smile.

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