What is Damon Clear?

Imagine having to wear braces without the metallic look that causes you to feel embarrassed when you speak or eat in front of others! Even though there isn’t anything to feel embarrassed about, the feeling lingers. With Damon Clear, which are clear braces this problem is taken care of. Damon Clear 2 basically combines the properties of low friction passive self-ligating technology with the aesthetics that patients demand. What’s the result you may ask? Well, it is a crystal-clear appliance that goes beyond all aesthetic and functional expectations. Damon Clear 2 is truly an innovation in transparency.

Let’s take you through the advantages of these wonderfully crafted transparent braces.

Transparent braces aesthetics

  • Passive self-ligation brackets, with unparalleled design.
  • The Policrystalline alumina (PCA) material used is resistant to stains from coffee, mustard, red wine and other agents.
  • Eliminates the need for elastomerics, which stain and collect bacteria.
  • Minimizes fractional resistance for more efficient tooth treatment due to the advanced passive self-ligation technology along with low ligation force.


  • Smooth, rounded contours for outstanding patient comfort.
  • Customized base design with patented laser-etched pad for optimal bond strength and maximum reliability.
  • Optional brackets with discrete contoured hooks for elastics and other auxiliaries.
  • Comfortable debonding experience for patients when using the Damon Clear Debonding Instrument. No flash removal using a burr or scaler required.

Proven Efficiency

  • The clear braces have been crafted after numerous multi-site in vivo studies, third-party university research and extensive design tests.
  • Whether it is the torque and rotation control, or the bond reliability and patient comfort, Damon Clear 2 offers numerous benefits over other aesthetic appliances.

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