Why Damon Braces?

We are not just about revolutionary braces and wires that give you a beautiful smile, We’re all about treating patients in whole new and different way. Damon smiles are full, natural 10-tooth smiles achieved with light biologically-sensible forces, and are specifically designed to improve the overall facial result of each patient. So, let’s take you through the difference between Damon braces and the traditional braces for your better understanding.

Damon Braces Bracket

Damon Metal

Our patented slide mechanism of the Damon System, connects arch wires to the bracket while allowing the wire to move freely. It helps reduce friction and improves oral hygiene by eliminating elastic ties.

Traditional Braces Bracket

Traditional Braces

In the case of traditional braces, elastic wires are used to hold the arch wires in place which in turn causes friction and slows down the treatment process. It is also known that these elastic ties hoard harmful bacteria which are not good where oral hygiene is concerned. The types of braces you need will totally depend on your case as each patient is different. For better understanding, consult with our Orthodontist.

Get the Damon Smile

Wish to get a beautiful smile with a better treatment plan? Consult with the right Orthodontist and also check out the revolutionary Damon System. Remove the gummy treatment smile.

Natural broad arch smile

Ever noticed how beautiful some people’s smiles are? Their teeth are so well aligned that when they smile, the corners of their mouth are full. It’s simply beautiful to look at and also one aspires to have that smile. With the treatment plan laid down by a Damon Orthodontist, we can help you achieve a broad arch smile which further provides facial support thereby making your face look more youthful*.

gummy smile before

This smile shows too much gum.

gummy smile after

A beautiful smile is a good balance between gums and teeth.

Upright teeth for better bite

Our teeth may appear relatively straight, while still being tipped in or flared out. When the teeth are in the right position, it helps the jaws function how they are meant to. It also can help protect against damage caused by an improper bite*.

Natural Broad Arch Smile Before

Tipped-in teeth reduce brightness with dark corners.

Natural Broad Arch Smile after

A bright, broad arch smile shows more teeth.

Smile arc

The smile arc plays a vital role when it comes to getting a perfect smile. It is created when the curve of the teeth follows the curve of the lower lip*.

Smile Arc Before

Teeth that appear at the same level create a flat smile.

Smile Arc after

A smile arc is created when the curve of the teeth follows the lower lip.

Gummy smile treatment

Some have excess gingival, also known as ‘gummy’ smile. It can create a distraction from the natural beauty of the teeth and face. Many Damon Orthodontist can now treat gummy smiles and deliver incredible results*.

*Stuart Frost, DDS, "The Artist Orthodontist: Creating An Artistic Smile Is More Than Just Straightening Teeth," August 2018.
Teeth images have not been altered. Images courtesy of Dr. Stuart Frost.

Get a consultation from one of our expert Damon Orthodontists who will determine the types of braces you would need, the cost of braces as well as your treatment plan can be effectively charted out.

So why choose us for your braces?

  1. FASTER TREATMENT: From patient to patient, the treatment time varies. But, with the Damon System, the treatment time has been proven to be faster. This is simply because every patient is in the safe hands of an efficient Orthodontist, who ensure to do a great job in lesser appointments. With the use of light force, high-technology and shape-memory wires, it moves teeth more efficiently, reducing office visits and treatment times to help you better manage your busy schedule.
  2. MORE COMFORTABLE: Damon System’s advanced technology uses light and gentle forces to move teeth to their correct positions more freely and more comfortably. Further, there is a reduced need for elastic ties and there are lesser tooth extractions.
  3. HEALTHIER OPTION FOR YOU: The light, gentle forces used by the Damon System enable efficient tooth movement and help improve overall oral health by preserving tooth roots. It also helps prevent undue gum recession and tooth loss. Moreover, as it does not require elastic ties, the Damon System helps improve oral hygiene and protects gum health.

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