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Art of straightening your teeth and improving your personality by Damon braces
Art of straightening your teeth and improving your personality by Damon braces

Smile is a wonderful way to share happiness. Smile is a universal language of spreading joy Humans look nice and beautiful when they smile. It is a gift to us from God. If a person has crooked teeth, he/she may not smile confidently. Braces are commonly used to straighten teeth that aren’t in alignment. Braces also help align the teeth properly, thus improving the bite and providing relief from jaw pain. When a person has difficulty flossing and brushing around crooked teeth, he will need braces. Here comes the question, which braces to use.

Damon's range of braces from Ormco provides perfect answers to all our queries regarding teeth alignment. Ormco has decades of experience in redefining Teeth Aesthetics.

For Decades it was believed that the best way to move teeth was to apply forces as strong as the patient could tolerate but thanks to the breakthrough in technology with Damon System, now use very light forces to move teeth faster than ever…

With the Damon System treatment is


Unlike normal braces, Damon comes with years of in-depth research on thousands of patients not just to provide better alignment of teeth but also to ensure refined strength and aesthetics to the teeth. It is a clinically proven system with extensive numbers of clinical trials and supportive research papers. Damon braces can be comfortably used for both children as well as adults. More than 10 Million people used Damon braces to get their good oral health and beautiful smile.

Damon braces use a passive slide mechanism to maintain arch wires within the bracket to enable them to move freely, thereby creating less pressure and greater comfort to the patient.

Since the Damon braces are tie-less braces, they are much easier to clean preventing adverse gingival conditions. The treatment time is reduced in comparison to the traditional braces. It is available in both metal & clear options. These are patented brackets that offer optimal resistance and great reliability. Open your happiness to the world with a full wide Damon Smile.

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