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Damon Smile is the best choice for children & Teenagers
Damon Smile is the best choice for children & Teenagers

When it comes your children, you always resort to the best options. May it be their education, their health, or their overall well-being. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure a confident and positive face profile for their children. The smile is the most important part of this profile. Read this article to find out how Damon Smile braces help you achieve a confident, broad arch-shaped smile with extraordinary comfort and lesser time!

Facial profile is a very important factor for one’s first impression. A beautiful smile helps in building confidence as it increases the facial value to overcome the guilt felt because of malocclusions or misaligned teeth that one may have.

Multiple Malocclusions like open bites, under bites and over bites, gapped teeth to name a few, can be caused because of ignorance. These malocclusions obviously hinder one’s facial aesthetics, but they also cause long lasting problems like dislocation of the lower jaw, the Temporomandibular disorder (TMD), where the Dysfunction can lead to pain and discomfort. Jaw pain, difficulty in chewing and clicking and locking of the jaw joint can also happen.

Teenagers are very conscious about their looks as they grow up. Having a misaligned or distorted facial or oral profile can cause social distress which is definitely not something one should face at a tender age.


Damon Smile Braces are the perfect solution for these cases!

Faster treatment and lesser in-clinic chair time

With Damon Smile Braces, these malocclusions can be treated faster than conventional braces. Yes! Damon Smile braces are clinically proven to treat most cases faster and more efficiently than conventional braces. Also, Damon Braces require lesser in-clinic chair time, making it easy for one’s busy schedule!


Extraordinary Comfort

Damon Smile Braces are Passive Self-Ligation (PSL) brackets. Damon Smile Braces utilize arch wires which apply reasonably lighter and gentler forces on your teeth, thus reducing the pain which conventional braces would’ve brought. Damon Smile Braces avoid extractions. Exceptional Comfort all around.

Hygiene & Choice

Conventional braces utilize elastic ties, which turn yellow with usage eventually. Other than the color change, these elastic ties may hold up harmful bacteria in your mouth. Damon Smile Braces are available in metal and clear ceramic options. With the clear option, people may not even realize you’re wearing braces!

Damon Braces Help you smile confidently!




Shine with Damon Smile!




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