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How to choose Braces? Conventional, Damon Smile (PSL) or Aligners?
How to choose Braces? Conventional, Damon Smile (PSL) or Aligners?

We often find our near and dear have malocclusion problems due to bad habits and some have genetic problems. They can suffer with one of the following orthodontic malocclusion like over or under bite, open or cross bite, crowded teeth or gapped teeth. These are some of the cases that require an orthodontic braces treatment.

Are you still not sure about which one is the better option for you? Do you need to figure out what is the better option between braces and aligners for you? Read this article to find out, as you clear your mind to make the right decision!

Choosing the right treatment should be one’s top most priority.  

Your teeth deserve nothing, but the most comfortable and accurate treatment. While conventional braces are the most accessible option, they have their own drawbacks that one should know about before making their decision. Damon Smile braces overcome these drawbacks with ease. In case of Aligners, they are defined to treat a smaller variety of cases, generally of lesser aptitude, thus one must consult a good orthodontist regarding their case. Milder cases cannot be treated with aligners and thus require braces.

Conventional braces are generally the most economic choice when it comes to orthodontic treatment. They work slowly and require multiple frequent clinical visits. Also, conventional braces utilize elastic ties that create higher friction, resulting in discomfort to the patients. Along with the discomfort, these elastic ties turn yellow with use and are capable of storing harmful bacteria!

Damon Smile Braces, provide patients with exceptional comfort. How? They eradicate the use of elastic ties. The Damon System utilizes a patent technology that allows the wire to move teeth with lighter and gentler forces, causing lesser friction. Damon Braces do not need elastics to tie down wires.

Damon Smile Braces provide a faster treatment. Our Patented sliding mechanism and shape-memory wires move teeth more efficiently than conventional braces, reducing the number of frequent clinical visits to help you better manage your busy schedule!

With Damon Smile Braces, you achieve more than just a smile! The Damon System delivers a natural broad arch smile with teeth standing upright and aligned in a smile arc. This results in a proper bite and reduces dark corners in your mouth.

Damon Smile Braces provide you options! Yes, Damon Smile braces are available in metallic (Damon Q2) and Clear Ceramic (Damon Clear) options for you to choose! With Damon Smile Clear Braces, people may not even realize that you are wearing Braces! The Damon Smile Clear Ceramic braces are easy to clean and maintain. Food is not stuck in between because there are no elastic ties being used.

This is how Damon Smile braces provide an all-round solution to your braces treatment requirements.

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